Sarah is a young teenager passionate about life and expresses this through a myriad of artistic and altruistic endeavours. She is a children’s book author, aspiring actress and singer. Sarah is a great listener, takes direction very well and specialises in utilising her natural acting ability to achieve the desired look and attitude. Having lived in North Carolina for four years, she currently resides in Limerick, Ireland with her Aunt and Uncle and 3 Brothers. Please note this site is supervised. You can follow Sarah on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter links below.


Noodle Loses Dad

Young Author, Sarah Corbett Lynch has written a collection of self - affirming stories exploring loss, grief, moving home, blended families through her characters amidst a myriad of complex challenges faced by someone so young.
Her birth Mom, Mags died when Sarah was 12 weeks old from a severe Asthma attack. When she was four, Sarah then went to live in America with her Dad, Jason to start a new life. He died suddenly in 2015, Sarah was 8 years old and her brother was 10. They moved back to Ireland. This is when Sarah began reading about other people who have had hard times which helped her so she began to write about her experience through her characters.
Sarah hopes that despite great suffering, she can help other children find the courage to be themselves. Sarah hopes her books inspire and helps other children to process their own challenges to find hope and happiness again like she did.  

Noodle Loses Dad

In her debut book, “Noodle Loses Dad” Noodles character takes the reader on a journey as she faces the loss of a loved one, moving houses, becoming part of a blended family and learning to find hope and happiness again. Suitable from the ages of four.


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